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a heart stained in hate;

i bless the hour that holds your fall

ambellina ©
14 December
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catcher in the rye is love
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Letter to the editor: I thought I would let the world know how much I love people. I thought I would try to create something that I would like to listen to, because a very large portion of this world's art sucks beyond description. Yet I feel that it's a waste of time to pass judgement, and who the fuck am I to declare myself an authority who's certified, one who has the right to critique. I guess in a way anyone with enough ambition to create and not take away is someone who deserves respect. There are those who are better at it than others. There are some who have severely large amounts of enthusiasm who are prolific as hell, spewing out a million products a year. Yeah, products. They are ones who usually give 10% good and 90% crap. Then there are those who spend years studying other people's works because they don't have a chance in hell to produce anything with a hint of talent. Yeah, talent. But like I said, no one should be denied the priviledge to create, and some people most certainly do not need the fear of whether their goods are better or worse than the best or worse. They can find what art for themselves. On second thought, maybe I just tried to let the world know how much I love myself. like a hypocrite in a hippie crypt. I hate myself and I want to die. Leave me alone. Love, Kurdt.

Fight Club is not beautiful and unique snowflake love.

Dane Cook is pee my pants love.

Napoleon Is (Hot Dorky) Love

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